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Hello Everyone!

Do you feel like the calm before the storm has hit you? The storm being the Christmas Holidays and the calm being January - this snowy, cold season that leaves us trapped to the confines of our own home many days. The calm is a chance to regroup, catch up and get ready for the next big vent (maybe Spring or Valentine's Day).

I'm glad you picked up a copy of The Country Register - use it as part of your calm - site down and read it cover to cover with a nice cup of hot chocolate, tea or wine. Use it as a means of planning your next shopping trip - lots of shops are having post holiday sales and many have started decorating for Spring already! (what?!!)

We have included some new recipes for you to try (mostly comfort foods), some practical hints and some great articles, some thought provoking, some humorous, all interesting. Our secret shopper shares from the heart in Steubenville. We've all listed on page 8 our winners from our November-December giveaways. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Thanks for picking up a copy of The Country Register - hope you enjoy it. Make sure to take a copy for a friend.